TripTime (www.triptime.ro)

TripTime - a project that helps people organize their week-end trips, by findind new and interesting places to see with just a few clicks. read more...

hipshops (www.hipshops.com)

hipshops - a project that gathers premium quality shops from around the world. read more...

Newsmart (www.newsmart.ro)

Newsmart.ro - a free article directory for news regarding cultural events. read more...

Smart FM
Smart FM (www.smartfm.ro)

A premium radio station, mature in content, personality, style, attitude, music and information, intellectual in intent and execution, a credible alternative with local influence. read more...

Goldistree (www.goldistree.ro)

Goldistree is an online store which proposes the newest equipment from all classes of hardware and software. read more...

Compania de Librarii Bucuresti (The Bookshop Company of Bucharest)
Compania de Librarii Bucuresti (The Bookshop Company of Bucharest) (www.clb.ro)

The Bookshop Company of Bucharest - bearer of 56 years of tradition concerning bookstores in Bucharest. read more...

Our latest projects:

Internal application development and maintenance for Nextgen Communications.
Development of the new Spoon website (www.spoon.ro)
Design and development of our new travel project, triptime (www.triptime.ro)
Development and maintenance for hipshops (www.hipshops.com)
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